Modern & Contemporary Metal Wall Art by Jon Allen



If you’re looking for modern wall art by Jon Allen for your home or office, then look no further! Our metal wall art collection includes a variety of colors, shapes, and designs to fit any style of decor. Our metal wall sculptures range from small metal wall decor accent pieces to metal art panels for larger spaces. We feature all silver metal wall art for an ultra contemporary look, as well as abstract metal wall art paintings that make a colorful metal wall art statement piece. If you’re looking to add some dimension to your design space, we also have unique 3D metal wall art sculptures.

With modern, abstract, contemporary, and tropical styles to choose from, we have the perfect wall metal decoration to suit your aesthetic. Select pieces can also be displayed as outdoor metal artwork for your courtyard or patio wall. We can also create custom metal wall artwork to suit your preferred dimensions, colors, and design.


What kind of metal is used in Jon’s artwork?

Jon’s contemporary metal wall art multi-panel art pieces are created with aircraft grade aluminum. This is the chosen medium for the handmade artwork pieces because by nature, aluminum will not rust or corrode. It is uniquely durable, but is also lightweight making it a gentle option for your walls. One of the reasons we value aluminum is because of its high strength and relatively low weight. Aluminum weights about one third less than steel. Though stainless steel is a popular material for many art pieces, we don’t use stainless steel whatsoever. Since many of Jon’s pieces are multi-dimensional and we aren’t using machinery to achieve the shapes, bends, and multi-dimensional affects you see (all of that is 100% done by hand), our ability to work with an shape the metal as desired is key. This is the chosen metal in many scenarios when a high quality finish is required, or when the focus is aesthetics. That is certainly the case with Jon’s handmade art pieces!

One of the things our collectors love about our pieces is that none of our multi-panel metal wall sculpture sets require heavy duty wall anchors to hang securely. Nails or screws of your choosing are sufficient. The multi-panel metal wall sculpture pieces are created with an array of different color techniques. This is why we always ask you to check with us to determine whether a particular painted wall art piece is a great fit for outdoor display prior to purchasing. One of the color techniques we use is anodization, which helps increase the thickness of the aluminum’s oxidized layers. This also helps serve as a primer for pieces where we are using an adhesive as is the case with some of our 3d assembly pieces such as “Fandango” or “Copper Impromto”.

You can bet that all of our all natural silver wall decor metal pieces are excellent choices for outdoor display in rain, snow, or sunshine. “Silver Plumage”, “Static” and “Vortex” are just some examples of our foolproof, simple to display outdoor pieces that are readily available.

Another reason for using aluminum as our primary medium is its availability. Aluminum is the world’s most abundant metal, and it is recyclable. Another key factor as to why we are all in when it comes to aluminum is that is not as frequently subject to the wild price fluctuations stainless steel is. This is important to us, because it helps us provide affordable artwork at prices that are within reach for many. Constantly having to re-price based on the availability and pricing of stainless steel based on the market’s demands takes away for the time and energy we have to spend on servicing our incredible collectors around the world!

Jon’s multi-dimensional pieces such as wall twists, waves, and freestanding indoor-outdoor sculptures are also created with durable aircraft grade aluminum. With the exception of a few waves that are hand-painted, most of these pieces are completed with a durable powder coat finish. The powder coat finish is a UV protectant. Electrostatically charged powder is blended and applied to our pieces. The powder is melted in our in-house powder coat ovens, and the pieces ultimately cure and dry with a new, harder protective coating. All of our bases and baseplates for our freestanding sculptures are also created with a durable powder coat finish, including the silver options.

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