Jc 514E

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The colors are expressive and dramatic. Rich fusions and unexpected pairings make these wall sculptures perfect conversation pieces in any contemporary, modern, or traditional décor.
Each hand-painted piece on aluminum is completely unique. The intricate details are hand drawn and painted with my custom blend of pigments and dyes that I have developed and perfected over the course of 20 years. A protective clear coat is applied to the artwork and it is baked at 400 degrees until the clear coat fully sets.

The ornate painted piece is then carefully mounted on a background via cold connection. The artwork itself is mounted approximately 1” off of its background and the backing itself in turn then “floats” off the wall approximately 2” giving this eye catching artwork and overall depth of approximately 3”.

The brushed metal silver background adds a reflective, eye catching finished look to this multi-dimensional wall sculpture.

Each piece is signed by me, the artist, and comes with a certificate of authenticity 

These exclusive one of a kind pieces can never be repeated and no two are ever identical- however, they look captivating when showcased as a pair, trio, or grouping of four or more!

Unique pre-installed brackets make hanging simple. Due to a wide variety of wall types, nails / screws are not provided.

Perfect for your home or office! They also make memorable and unique gifts.