How to Use Mirrors to Enhance a Small Space

March 24, 2018

How to Use Mirrors to Enhance a Small Space

What is the best way to make a small room appear bigger without doing any renovations?  Decorate with mirrors!  When used correctly, mirrors can help open up a small space as well as help to reflect light and illuminate an area. 

Wall mirrors are a cost-effective way to give your small design space the appearance of a larger space, while doubling as decorative wall accents.  A well-placed mirror is also good Feng Shui and invites positive energy and calm into your home.  

Here are 6 interior design tips and tricks that cleverly use decorative mirrors to make your small room look bigger without knocking down any walls or hiring a contractor.

# 1 Enhance Your Entryway or Hallway with Mirrors

Entryways are an important part of your home because they make the first and last impression on your guests.  Adding a decorative wall mirror to your cramped entranceway gives it the appearance of looking larger than it really is.  By placing a large wall mirror behind a table or chair, you can give a small space the illusion of appearing larger and more open.  As well as being a piece of modern home décor, a framed wall mirror in your entranceway also has the added benefit of providing a final once-over before leaving the house. 

Interior hallways can sometimes feel cramped or dark, but a well-placed wall accent mirror will help to boost the space and lighten up the area. When choosing the right accent mirror, it’s generally a good idea to go bigger rather than smaller in order to maximize the space you are trying to boost.

# 2 Large Mirrors Trick the Eye

Large wall mirrors are a great way to make any small room look bigger.  Small wall mirrors can draw attention to the lack of space in a room, but a large, framed wall mirror can dramatically open up a small room in a few easy steps. 

Floor length mirrors help to make a room feel taller and brighter by drawing attention up and reflecting light around the room.  A large floor length mirror propped against a wall is very effective at making a room appear bigger than it actually is.  Placing a framed wall mirror behind your furniture grouping helps to soften any glare from the mirror while creating an interesting focal point in the mirror. 

# 3 Round Wall Mirrors Make a Statement

A round wall mirror makes a dramatic statement in a small room.  Round mirrors also help to break up square and rectangular shapes such as shelves, bookcases and the framing of the room.  Placing a round decorative mirror near a shelf helps to create a layered effect while at the same time making the space appear more expansive. 

Round wall mirrors are a striking addition to your modern home décor and they double as decorative wall art while also enhancing the space in a room.  Statements 2000 has a wide selection of unique, handmade metal wall mirrors to help boost your small space while complementing your modern design style. 

# 4 Duplicate a Window Using a Mirror


By placing a mirror adjacent to a window, you can create the illusion of an additional window, simultaneously adding extra light and space to your room.  You can use any type of framed wall mirror to achieve this effect of a duplicate window.  Placing a wall mirror next to a window is also good Feng Shui, as it brings positive outside elements indoors. 

# 5 Grouping Small Mirrors Together

A great way to give a room the illusion of looking bigger is by grouping multiple small wall mirrors together on one wall.  By layering several small mirrors, the space instantly feels more open and adds a sense of depth to the room.  You can use mirrors of the same size and style, or mix it up with different style frames and mirror sizes to add to the layered effect. 


# 6 Accentuate the Positive

The first rule when using a mirror to enhance the size of the room is to make sure the mirror is reflecting something you’ll actually want to see reflected.  You don’t want your mirror to reflect something unsightly, such as a fan or some power outlets.  You will want to choose a focal point—like a flower arrangement or a gorgeous chandelier—and angle your mirror to reflect that focal point.  It’s also good to place your mirror behind a light source to allow the light to bounce around the room and maximize the space. 

With all the ways mirrors can be used to open up a room, it’s no wonder they are such a popular piece of contemporary home décor.  Statements 2000 Metal Art by Jon Allen features many decorative mirrors to help boost the space in your home.  Shop our metal wall mirrors and get started enhancing your small space today!

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