About Jon Allen



With over 30 years of experience, Jon Allen has established himself as a preeminent figure in the world of metal art. Together with his wife, Kelly, Jon has shaped the Jon Allen Metal Art Studio into a beacon of contemporary metal artistry, nestled near West Palm Beach, Florida. The world-renowned studio is celebrated for its unique and inspiring atmosphere, where creativity and originality thrive.

Jon Allen’s artistry is distinguished by its dynamic and innovative nature, captivating art enthusiasts and collectors globally. His creations span a spectrum of themes, blending abstract and representational elements. The hallmark of Jon’s work lies in its fluid lines, reflective surfaces, and vibrant hues, achieved through specialized metalworking and finishing techniques. From intricate indoor sculptures to grand outdoor installations, each piece is meticulously crafted to enhance and transform its surroundings, be it a private residence, a corporate environment, or an outdoor setting.

Kelly Allen, co-owner of the studio and integral to the it’s success, adeptly curates and manages the extensive collection of metal artworks, which includes wall sculptures, home decor pieces, and unique metal clocks. Together with Jon, her collaboration ensures that the studio remains at the forefront of innovation, continuously offering pieces that combine artistic vision with practical elegance.

The Jon Allen Metal Art gallery, open to the public by appointment, showcases the breadth of Jon Allen's artistic achievements. It offers visitors an immersive experience, showcasing a diverse array of Jon’s works, including original paintings, sculptures, and home decor items. Each visit to the gallery promises an exploration into the transformative potential of metal art, where industrial material is reimagined into expressions of beauty and emotion.



Jon’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of metal art has made the Jon Allen Metal Art Studio a destination for those seeking to enrich their spaces with cutting-edge design. His works are celebrated not only for their aesthetic appeal but also for their emotional resonance, offering clients a unique opportunity to incorporate contemporary artistry into their decor.

For art aficionados and collectors, a visit to the Jon Allen Metal Art Studio is an inspiring journey into the world of metal art. The studio stands as a testament to the couple’s dedication to artistry, precision, and beauty, ensuring that every creation is a true statement of their passion and skill.


About Statements 2000

On the web, Statements2000.com your home base for Jon’s classic, best-known art pieces. But did you know Statements2000 is also a real brick and mortar place that serves as our home base here in North Palm Beach, Florida? This is Jon’s primary studio and has been for many, many years. Statements2000 provides Jon the structure, tools, and space to create his impressive range of original artwork and designs. 

Jon has a fantastic, dedicated team that operates out of Statements2000.

Jon takes great pride in providing a creative work environment for people to thrive in. Each Statements2000 team member plays a vital role in daily operations.               

In addition to a truly skilled group of artist assistants who help make it possible for us to fulfil your orders in a timely fashion, we have a range of administrative support on site as well. This includes a shipping department that handles safe transit of all artwork as well as the required logistics, a marketing team, an in-house customer support person, and a photographer/graphic artist.

It has always been important to Jon to make everything with care here in the United States.

Unwilling to ever compromise the level of quality and level of personal support we provide to our collectors, we will continue to grow the Statements2000 team and create premium handmade artwork for you (wherever you may be!) Are there more cost-effective ways to run this business? Maybe. You’d have to ask all the metal artists who order artwork from China and pass the work off as original. That’s not Jon. His reputation took 20 years to earn.

Jon enjoys the journey. He has cultivated a team of people who share in his vision and values. He has employed and mentored many talented people over the years and it is one of the most rewarding aspects of owning a small business. He is proud to be an employer who makes an impact in his local community.