Neutral Home Decor

October 28, 2022

Neutral Home Decor

Neutral décor is an incredibly popular term you encounter often. What comes to mind when you think of neutral décor? A stark white box with no personality, or serene shades of taupe, beige, cream, grey, and black and white?

Great examples of neutral décor can be seen everywhere from interior design publications, Pinterest, Instagram, celebrity homes, and everywhere in between.

The underlying intent behind embracing a neutral décor scheme is to create a calm, tranquil and cozy space that is equally relaxing and inviting. This helps create a “clean” home aesthetic.

Striving for a clean home aesthetic has reached new heights. In recent years, people have added hidden pantry storage. The kitchens of the moment will have you searching high and low for the sink, refrigerator and storage because it is hidden out of sight. The desire to have a clean, clutter free home is evidenced everywhere from the popularity of container and storage stores to new construction trends.

Our desire for our home to truly become our sanctuary and peaceful retreat form the world has never been more prevalent. During the pandemic, people spent more time at home and placed great significance on creating a space that was as comforting as it was comfortable, and neutral décor is a major element in creating an aesthetically pleasing, neat, and cohesive space.

Pure Neutrals Versus Near Neutral Colors

In terms of the neutral colors themselves, pure neutrals are grey, brown, white and black. The absence of undertones is why these colors are considered “pure.”

“Near” neutrals are created when a pure neutral is combined with a primary color, which de-saturates them. You will observe a number of nuanced undertones in near neutrals. Examples include “off-white,” “alabaster,” “bone white,” “ivory” versus a pure neutral, true white.

Is Neutral Code Word for Boring and Bland?

In short, no! All beautiful rooms share some design elements, no matter what their style or motif. Adhering to some principals will help ensure you achieve the subconscious balance and sense of harmony that great design makes us feel.

There are just some universal truths when it comes to creating balance and harmony in a room, and that goes for neutral lovers as well. Design elements and principals like scale, texture, contrast, pattern, and white space all come into play. When done well, it all feels effortless, though we all know it is anything but! You couldn’t simply scatter 10 shades of beige haphazardly and expect to make Architectural Digest. So, how can you keep a neutral décor scheme interesting? How do you add some elements to create the perfect balance? Some eye-pleasing techniques include:

  • Selecting a wall paint color that is lighter than your upholstered items or carpet


Incorporating wood tones



  • Adding Texture


 Texture refers to the use of objects that add interest to the space. This can be achieved with adding texture to the walls, adding textiles to floors, adding soft furnishings, layering pillows made with different materials and textures, curating decorative objects, and playing up architectural features such as beams, or an arch.


Achieving varied texture can also tie in with another tenant of design: utilizing varied shapes. Curved sofas, or creating arches or other focal points with paint are examples of how you can incorporate a different shape if the room didn’t come with such a built-in focal point.

 Mixing textiles like velvet and faux leather, linen and others can help add appeal.

Adding one of our handmade wall sculptures is a simple and effective way to add extra depth and dimension to your space.

Copper Knight

Some other examples are using one art piece as a focal point. The piece pictured below has a number of textural elements. It is a cold wax oil painting, an original abstract by Jon.

Original Cold Wax Oil Painting by Jon Allen

Another tenant of pleasing, varied, and interesting neutral aesthetic is to add metallic pops (and we can definitely help you with this!)

We have a number of handmade pieces that will enhance your neutral décor.

Alternating Current



Tectonic Clock



5 Easy Pieces Copper


Golden Trifecta

 Lastly, when it comes to creating a well-balanced neutral space, embrace Black and White. Black and white is a timeless combination for very good reason. It’s hard to go wrong adding a beautiful black and white element to your room with shades of grey, taupe, white, and other neutrals. Lately, we’ve introduced some gorgeous original wall art pieces that are great elements for your neutral décor. These handmade art pieces hit the mark on a few levels because:

  • They have a unique hand-painted element that adds an interesting focal point, a true finishing touch for your space that’s distinctive.
  • There is a textural element because the metal is a glossy, white, luxe finish that is almost glass-like.
  • The shapes (multiple squares) are a design element required to strike balance and make sure your neutral décor is eye-catching and anything but bland.

Elegant Masquerade


Your space is your own. Don’t be afraid to incorporate elements you love, and that reflect your personality and unique interests.  Here is a great example of a beautiful neutral space with a gorgeous underwater piece. This is a great inspiration for people who like coastal décor, beach décor, and even embrace tropical elements but who still want that clean aesthetic.

 Bimini Bay


Golden Beach Triptych

You may not have thought of Statements2000 when it comes to neutral décor. It’s true that many of Jon’s pieces are vibrant, always dynamic, and are truly eye-catching statement pieces and many are created in bold, primary colors.  However, there are many opportunities to incorporate our pieces into your neutral décor because of our interesting shapes, many available colors such as silver, golden tones, copper hues and more. There are also many original paintings that can help incorporate interesting and varied texture, as well as classic black and white abstract pieces for a punch. Don’t hesitate to ask if we can help select the perfect handmade art piece for your space-- we’re always honored to be featured in your home.

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