Trending Colors of Summer 2023

July 20, 2023

Trending Colors of Summer 2023

Summer is upon us and when the seasons change, so does the decor. We often find ourselves decorating with red and green for the winter holidays and oranges, reds, and yellows during fall; so what colors are best suited for summer?

Summer is special when it comes to colors. Thereโ€™s no definitive right or wrong and everyone has their own unique idea of what the season should be. Some people use bright colors that signify the sunny days to come. Others might use tropical blends of blues and corals among others that bring about a beachy ambiance. But there are some who may need a little help, and thatโ€™s what we hope to do by sharing some of the trending colors of Summer 2023!

Sunburst Orange

Sunburst is a beautiful, vivid shade of orange, reminiscent of the summer skies and the jubilant spirit of the season. Itโ€™s a bold color that really pops and makes a statement. Pair it with aqua and watch as they emanate a harmony of playfulness, or try it with beige for a more sophisticated style. No matter what you pair it with, sunburst orange exudes a warm and captivating energy!

Lime & Lemon

Two citrusy colors, lemon and lime are bright, exciting, and engaging in every way! What better describes summer than a bright yellow like the sun itself? Or a lime sitting atop your cool, refreshing drink as you sit by the pool side? These dynamic colors pair together perfectly or work wonders all on their own! You could even add a touch of purple for an extra layer of brilliance!

Ocean Blue

This one is pretty self-explanatory; what better way to celebrate summer than to go to the beach? Bring back those ocean hues by adding this beautiful shade of blue to your home! This calming summer color pairs well with teal and navy to emulate the natural look of the Caribbean sea. If youโ€™re a fan of nautical theming, then this color is surely for you!


More gentle than a true red, but eye-catching nevertheless! Vermilion radiates with the warmth of the hot summer sun without the sticky heat: all the pleasant, none of the not. This color pairs well with lighter, pastel tones like sage green or pink. Vermilion makes for a beautiful accent color as well, adding a splash of color to a neutral toned room is a great way to stand out!

Earth Tones

These colors reflect nature with deep greens and various shades of browns that blend together beautifully. Feel the serene bliss of hiking through a lush forest with these organic colors. Plants and succulents will always match perfectly and look fabulous when bold textures and patterns are added.

While these colors are whatโ€™s in right now,ย  the sky is the limit when it comes to decorating your home! What colors will you be adding to your summer decor?

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