Tropical Wall Art & Beach Decor

June 23, 2020

Tropical Wall Art & Beach Decor

The sun is shining and it’s the perfect time to decorate your home to reflect the beautiful weather and familiar landscapes of the season. Our tropical wall art is perfect for transitioning your home decor to spring and summer and will transport you to your favorite island getaway each time you look at it.

From tropical beach scenes to large colorful underwater paintings, here are some of our favorite tropical wall art pieces.


Castaway brings a tropical beach scene to your home decor. This large, all silver wall hanging sculpture can be displayed indoors or outdoors. Available in several different sizes, the images featured above are for our Extra Large 7 Panel piece which measures 96" in length by 36" in height. Castaway is one of our bestselling wall art pieces because it is so versatile and is dazzling indoors and outdoors as the light illuminates the hand-etched design. To see more of Castaway and other available sizes, click here.


Big Blue Fish

Big Blue Fish adds instant character to your tropical home decor. This large wall decor lives up to its name, measuring 44" wide by 34" high and is suitable for indoor display. To view more of Big Blue Fish, click here. It is also available in magenta and golden tones here.


Deep Blue Sea

Deep Blue Sea is a showstopper piece of art. The attention to detail in this vivid underwater painting brings the artwork to life and will be a conversation piece in your home or office decor. This large wall hanging measures 96" in length by 36" in height and is suitable for indoor display. To see more of Deep Blue Sea, click here.


Island Time Silver Fish

Island Time Silver Fish is such a fun piece of tropical wall art. Its two little water bubbles add to the effect to make it look like it's swimming on your wall. This accent piece measures 21" in length by 17" in height, with 2 bubbles measuring 5" in diameter and can be displayed indoors. You can see more of Island Time Silver Fish here.


Dawn A Breaking

Dawn A Breaking is another one of Jon's favorite themes depicting a scene of a tropical ocean sunrise.  This large and colorful painting features silver, aqua blue, and golden tones and will transform any room to a tropical paradise.  Dawn A Breaking is available in two sizes: 68" length by 24" height or 96" length by 36" height, and is suitable for indoor display.  View more photos of Dawn A Breaking here.


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