Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

June 25, 2019

Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year

Summer is wedding season—which means many anniversaries are taking place over the summer months. There are traditional wedding anniversary gifts given on certain milestones. For example, the 1st wedding anniversary gift is represented by paper, the 5th wedding anniversary milestone gift is represented by wood, and so on.

A customer recently notified us they were gifting our Silver Perfect Moment Sculpture to their partner for their 25th “Silver” anniversary gift and we loved the idea so much we wanted to pass it on!

Here are the wedding anniversary gifts by year -- as well as some gift suggestions for your special day!

1st Anniversary: Paper

Paper symbolizes the fragility of the early stages of a marriage, however with proper care paper can last a lifetime. 

5th Anniversary: Wood

Wood is the traditional 5th wedding anniversary gift because, like a tree, you have grown strong roots that can endure any weather.

7th Anniversary: Copper

The traditional 7th anniversary wedding gift is copper because of its strength and the warmth it radiates, like your marriage.

Our best-selling sculpture, Copper Perfect Moment, is a great gift idea and is something you will enjoy together for years to come.


Also available in a Flat Base option:

8th Anniversary: Bronze

Even stronger than iron and copper, bronze symbolizes the ever-growing strength of your bond.  What better way to show your endless love than with a modern timekeeper hand-painted with warm bronze tones?

Warm Embrace Clock



10th Anniversary: Aluminum

Aluminum is strong but flexible and can withstand anything-- which is why it is the symbol for the 10th wedding anniversary milestone.  

Our metal art makes the ideal 10th anniversary gift.  All of our artwork is handmade from high-grade aluminum so you can enjoy your art for years to come. 

Browse all of our Metal Wall Art Panels, Wall Accent Decor, and Accent Sculptures to find the perfect artwork to suit your style!

25th Anniversary: Silver

The brilliance of silver symbolizes the 25th anniversary.  Any of our elegant silver sculptures or all silver wall art would make for the perfect 25th wedding anniversary gift. 

We are partial to Silver Allure



Silver Allure Accent


and Silver Plumage


40th Anniversary: Ruby

The traditional 40th wedding anniversary gift is ruby because the deep red color symbolizes the undying flame of your love.

Our rich red-painted metal wall art sparkles like a precious stone in the light, making for the perfect 40th wedding anniversary gift!



Dragon's Breath

50th anniversary: Gold

If you're celebrating 50 years of marriage, the finest gold symbolizes prosperity, wisdom, and strength.  

For your golden anniversary, a gorgeous gold 3D metal wall painting - Transcendence of Light 

or a massive but elegant sculpture, Gold Maritime Massive, would make the perfect gift.

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