Corporate Artwork

While our metal artwork is perfect for modern home decor, we also specialize in custom-made corporate art pieces for decorating offices and large-scale business settings.  

There are many studies that have shown the benefits of having art in the workplace.  Displaying artwork in the office can boost productivity and creativity, lower stress, and increase overall well-being, according to several studies about workplace psychology.  Corporate artwork also makes a lasting impression not just on employees, but impresses clients who come to visit your office. 

Whether you are looking for extra large artwork to make a statement, such as a large sculpture at the entrance of your building, or you want to accent blank office walls with metal wall art decor, Statements2000 has your corporate art needs covered.  We have extra large freestanding sculptures, large wall clocks, and metal wall art in different shapes, sizes and colors.

Contact us today for your new corporate art to elevate your office and bring the valuable benefits of art in the workplace to your business.