Can You Create Larger Scale Sculptures?

June 02, 2021 1 Comment

Can You Create Larger Scale Sculptures?


Yes, we can absolutely create larger scale sculptures and do so frequently for our collectors all over the world. Most of our pieces reside with homeowners in private residences, but we also create larger works for businesses, public spaces and the hospitality sector, special events, and even film and television.

The largest standard sculpture we offer is the “Maritime Massive” which measures 94” tall, including the 12” base. When we say "standard", we mean made to the specifications just as listed and pictured. The "Maritime Massive" is a popular design we are requested to create time and again.

When you enquire about a large scale sculpture or making a modification in terms of size or scale, we will ask you a few guiding questions for clarity:

  • Do you know what your desired style is? Perfect Moment, Seabreeze, Triple C, etc.
  • What is the overall height you’d like to achieve?
  • Is this intended for indoor or outdoor display?
  • Where will the piece ship to? The full address is required so we can obtain accurate shipping costs, which in many cases includes getting freight estimates that include lift gates and pallet jacks.

If you aren’t quite sure of what you are after and need some guidance, we may first ask you, “Do you have a budget in mind?” and then work backwards to determine what the largest piece we can create for you. This is a simple way to respect your time, and to avoid presenting concepts that will not be a fit. We are adept at finding solutions to meet you where you are, and come up with the correct combination to meet your needs and determine how much more sculpture, base, and shipping factors can come together to achieve harmony within budget. We may also discuss timeframe for creation as this can impact price, so please be sure to let us know if you need something for a special event, a gift, etc. Once we know your budget, we can also make helpful suggestions that may not be apparent, like suggesting a different sculpture style or suggesting a different combination of base height and sculpture height based on our expertise.

Whether you need guidance or have a clear picture of what you are hoping to achieve with a larger scale sculpture, it is our pleasure to assist you!

We need to know what the overall desired height you want to achieve is because this vital information determines many things including:

  • What the base height, width, and materials need to be to adequately support the piece
  • What the approximate width and depth of the sculpture will be
  • What width of metal ribbon will be appropriate for the artwork
  • What metal thickness (gauge of metal) will be required


Being this is a piece that must stand upright, be stable, have certain elements of structural integrity, and do so in style, the dimensions don’t exist in a vacuum. They are proportional and relational. When the height of the artwork is scaled up, so are the width and depth to a degree. As these are 100% handmade art pieces, the overall dimensions can vary 1-3”. For example, we can’t simply make something 5 feet taller and keep it on the same 12” base the standard sculptures are placed on. The height, width, and depth are all relative to one another. What we can do is also influenced by the style chosen in conjunction with the desired size.

The materials used on larger scale sculptures are also high-quality aircraft grade aluminum and are also finished with a durable, UV protectant powder coat finish well-suited for outdoor display as is the case with all of our standard sculptures. However, based on your needs, the materials will include more metal, heavier metal, heavier bases, welded supports, and other modifications. The larger scale pieces take substantially more time and planning to complete in addition to their varied materials, and often require custom orders on our part in terms of supplies and raw materials.





Once we have all the pertinent details from you regarding your larger scale sculpture and you know what’d you like, we get to work. We first mock up what shipping is required, including construction of our hand-built crates for safe transit that will meet or exceed all carrier’s requirements for freight shipments. We then shop the shipment with our trusted freight carriers to get the best rate possible for you. Then, once we have all the information, we will provide you with a quote that is inclusive of pricing, shipping costs, and lead time for creation. If you approve of the quote, we will invoice you, and the creation of your custom piece will commence. Custom work is non-returnable, non-refundable, and all custom quotes are valid for 30 days once provided, as our business needs change in real time, as do the price of raw materials, our custom calendar, and other factors like carrier quotes.

Typical lead time for creation of large scale custom sculptures can currently range from 3-5 weeks depending on complexity and other factors for most sizes, and 6-10 weeks for the largest pieces. We will tell you exactly what to expect based on your selections when you receive the quote.



We receive many, many emails containing photos of other artist's pieces and are often asked, "Can you make this?" Please always feel free to share what you have in mind, or what you’ve seen and been inspired by. If we are able to make a piece in Jon’s style, to Jon’s standards, we are happy to proceed. Generally speaking, we do not create any designs based off of other artist’s designs or pieces. We aren’t metal fabricators in a general sense, and don’t create pieces to match images and create replicas of existing designs. Jon takes great pride in his original designs and the catalogue he has built over 20 years, and also knows firsthand what it feels like to be plagiarized by imitators. As such, our art studio is dedicated to serving the original design and creations of Jon.

We can expand on Jon’s body of work, make adjustments to the styles to suit the space in many cases, and modify the size and scale. However, with Jon’s wide range of skills and vision, it is possible he can create a new shape or completely new design in his style keeping your inspiration in mind. When Jon creates something truly bespoke, beyond a modification to something existing, we call this a custom commission, and this requires a high-level of communication. Custom commissions are usually best suited for collectors who know Jon’s work well and have ordered custom artwork in the past and have experienced Jon’s work in person on more than a single occasion. Here is an example of a custom commission, a truly unique, original design created just for the collector who commissioned it:

Sketch of custom commission sculpture concept by Jon Allen

Finished version of custom commission sculpture concept by Jon Allen

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Joan Resnick
Joan Resnick

October 22, 2022

Thanks for your reply. My husband Michael and I will consider the size and scale of a larger piece and consult with you as to the cost.
I will let you know whether we will ship the piece back or take a drive to drop it off.

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