Decorating for Fall Using Metal Art

October 11, 2018

Decorating for Fall Using Metal Art


Take a look at some of our most on-trend Fall-inspired pieces to spruce up your home this season.  From metal wall accents to large metal wall art panels in warm earth-tones, Statements2000 has you covered for your Fall home decor!
5 Easy Pieces Copper


Amber Vortex Wave 



City in Fall






Cream Tectonic Clock



Endless Time Clock



Dusk Clock



Mirror 109



Lava Stream




Nocturnal Clock 



Mirror 115  




Copper Whisper Accent 



Shifting Seasons




Amber Plumage


Amber Vortex



Autumn Passion 


Blades of Harvest 



Amber Rays



Titanium Burn



Music of the Spheres 



Harvest Moods

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