How to Create an Inspiring Home Office

July 15, 2020

How to Create an Inspiring Home Office


With more and more people working from home and home-schooling these days, creating a practical and inspiring home office is vital to remote work.  Each person’s requirements for what they need in their workspace is different, but there are some general tips for how to make your home office both beautiful and functional.  Read on for some of our favorite ways to maximize space and inspire creativity in your home office.  

Choose the Perfect Location

One of the most important choices is where to locate your home office.  Whether you have a dedicated room for your office or you have to carve out a space for your home office, the location will ideally be a low-traffic area of your home with few distractions.  Lighting is also key for any office space, so it is best to choose a location with lots of natural sunlight or use sufficient lamps and lighting.  Having a good location and proper lighting will help you stay focused and motivated to do your work.

Stick with a Consistent Style

Your home office should complement the style and comfort of the rest of your home.  For example, if you have contemporary home decor throughout your house, your home office should reflect that style with modern furniture pieces like a metal table, as well as modern office accessories like a desktop sculpture.  Choose a color scheme that inspires and motivates you to get to work. You can view our accent sculptures here.


Office Ergonomics

Working from home more doesn’t mean to forget about office ergonomics.  In order to be more productive and not damage your body in the meantime, there are simple ways to make your home office more ergonomic.  Just like at the office, a good chair is one of the most important parts of your home office since you will likely be spending so much time there.  Your chair should be adjusted so that your feet rest firmly on the floor.  Or, invest in an adjustable standing desk if possible.  The top of your computer screen should also be at about eye level, and use wrist supports if you are typing or using a mouse repeatedly.


Optimize Your Space

When it comes to working from home, organization is key.  It helps to optimize your space by using different types of storage and utilizing vertical space.  Cabinets, file folders, cube storage bins, and floating shelves are all great ways to make the most of any space.  A well-organized space reflects a well-organized mind!


Elevate Your Home Office With Artwork

Having artwork in your home office is not only good for aesthetics and creating a focal point, art in the workplace also improves your quality of life.  The benefits of art in the workplace have been widely proven. Studies have shown that art in the workplace helps to reduce stress, increase creativity, and enhance morale.  Not only will your home office look better with a beautiful piece of art on display, but you will be happier and more inspired to do your best work!

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