How To Hang Your Metal Wall Art Panels

February 18, 2019 1 Comment

How To Hang Your Metal Wall Art Panels


If you are reading this, you are likely the owner of one of our handmade metal wall art panel pieces or considering purchasing a piece and curious about how to properly hang your new wall art panels.  We are so pleased you are supporting our unique, handmade artwork and know you want your art to look its utmost best when displayed on your wall.  Below are instructions and helpful tips for how to hang your wall art to compliment your home décor.   


Step 1 - Choose Your Space

Choose the right space to display your wall art.  The wall should be proportionate to the size of wall art you are hanging.  If you are hanging your wall art panels above a piece of furniture, a good rule of thumb is to look for wall art that is about two-thirds the length of the furniture.  Many design experts also suggest hanging your art with the center of the piece measuring 57” from the floor because it is the average line of sight.

Choosing the Correct Size

Step 2 - Use the Measuring Tool

 We include a helpful measuring tool with most multi-panel art pieces to make hanging your wall art as easy as possible.  The template includes the suggested 1" spacing between panels for optimal display.  Simply tape the template to your wall and mark the points on the wall where your nails or screws will go.  We suggest using a level to ensure alignment.  After attaching your nails/screws to the wall, remove the template and get ready to hang your new metal wall art panels!

Measuring Tool Example

Please Note: Due to a variety of wall types, we do not include nails/screws to hang your wall art. Jon's handmade art is made from lightweight aluminum, so you will find it easy to handle the artwork.  


Step 3 - Bend the Pre-Installed Brackets

Most of Jon’s metal panel art comes with pre-installed brackets that can be bent to display the art about 2” off the wall.  For added dimension and depth, we suggest hanging your art with this added 2” (rather than flat against the wall).  Simply remove each panel from its packaging and place face-down on a soft surface. Use your hand to brace the center of the bracket and bend the bracket upwards along the perforation to form a 90-degree angle.  Then, bend the outer perforation towards the edge of the panel to create another 90-degree angle.  Repeat for brackets on each panel.

How to Bend the Brackets Jon Allen Statements2000 

Step 4 - Hang Your Wall Art

Line up the slot in the bracket with your nail/screw in your wall to hang your wall art and repeat with the remaining panels.  You now have a beautiful piece of handmade metal art displayed on your wall!  



How not to Hang Your Metal Wall Art Panels

Perhaps just as important as how to hang your artwork is how not to hang your metal wall art panels. Though it may be tempting to take a "shortcut", we do not suggest hanging the artwork with alternatives such as double-sided tape, Command strips, hanging wires, etc. Hanging wires put undue and uneven pressure on our unique brackets. The other options may not adhere correctly and are likely to fail, causing the artwork to fall from the wall. Please trust us here. We tested many (we mean many) possible hanging solutions, and have been offering our wonderful bracketing system to residential and commercial clients for over 10 years with great success. People all over the world are able to simply hang our artwork by utilizing our brackets, nails, and screws as directed. If you elect to hang your artwork any other way than what we have instructed, please note we will not be responsible for any damage that may occur. 

Cleaning & Care

We recommend wearing white cotton gloves when handling artwork to avoid any fingerprints.  To remove fingerprints from all silver metal art, use a soft white cloth with rubbing alcohol.  For painted artwork, wipe with a damp cloth.  


We always love to see Jon's artwork on display in our customers' homes.  You can always email photos of your artwork to or submit them here.

Download the brochure with instructions here.

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Byron Rashed
Byron Rashed

October 19, 2020


Your artwork is gorgeous and I’m looking to purchase some for my new home. I did review the hanging options. I was wondering if you have ever seen your artwork in front of an LED strip mounted in the wall. I have found RGB LED fixture (I can customize the size) that are flush mounted. I was thinking of having some of your pieces on the wall covering the LED light that would create a backlight effect.

Just wondering if you have seen this or have pics.


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