Kleo Art Studio

Jon came across Kleo’s work earlier this year and was instantly mesmerized by her process and designs. Kleo is able to bring color to life with texture and movement in an unbelievable way. Similar to Jon, Kleo works with metal and uses metallics and bold colors to create uniquely striking and dimensional art.

Jon enthusiastically wanted to share Kleo’s work on his own platform and bring light to another talented artist. Kleo’s work would be an amazing complement to your Jon Allen collection or standalone. As Jon said, “talent like this doesn’t come along often and as an artist, it’s my duty to shine light on something spectacular when I see it.”

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Artist's Statement:

I find a harmonious nature in juxtapositions, which often find their way into my art. Edgy and feminine. Voids of light and luminosity. Smooth surfaces and heavy textures. Each corner considered in what it brings to the overall harmony. For me, that desire for contrast has seeped into every aspect of my life. I take it with me through the avenues of New York, taking photographs and finding what subjects complement each other; what's there, what's missing, and where the tension lies. My soul truly goes into my art and an energy takes over while I paint. The abstract nature only lends itself further to the intrigue, as it allows each beholder to find their own unique moments.