How to Set Your Clock

December 10, 2019 1 Comment

How to Set Your Clock



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Our metal wall clocks are not just timekeepers-- they are also unique works of art. While we carefully package each clock before shipping to our collectors worldwide, sometimes the clock hands may detach from the clock mechanism in transit.  Don’t worry!  Here are simple instructions for how to set your clock hands if they get detached during the shipping process.


Step 1 

Remove the second hand by gripping it and pulling it straight up, completely detaching it from the clock mechanism stem.  Next, unscrew the minute hand nut, then grip and pull the minute hand straight up. Now, remove the hour hand by pulling it straight up from the clock mechanism stem.

If any of the clock hands were bent during the shipping process, you can gently straighten them back to a flat position.  

Step 2

Replace the hour hand (the shorter hand) onto the stem of the clock mechanism.  The hour hand should be pressed firmly to the bottom of the clock mechanism stem and in a level position.  (See image 2)

Step 3

Next, place the minute hand into the slot on the smaller section for the clock mechanism stem. (See photo 3)

Replace and tighten the nut, ensuring the minute hand is level and not touching the hour hand.  (See photo 4)

Step 4.

Replace the second hand into the hole on the top of the clock mechanism stem, ensuring it is firmly in place.  (See photo 5)

Ensure all three clock hands are level and parallel to the clock face.  The clock hands should not be touching or interfering with each other.

Adjust and set the time using the adjustment wheel on the back of the clock.  Do not use your fingers to manually adjust the hour hand.

Your clock is all set!  

Your complete satisfaction with your artwork is our priority.  If you are still having trouble with your clock hands, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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Anna Collins
Anna Collins

October 22, 2022

I appreciate your advice when you said to avoid adjusting the clock hands manually with our fingers and to ensure that all three of them are level and parallel to the clock face when we’re setting it. I found an old wall clock in my grandma’s basement while I was cleaning, and she told me I can just get it fixed if I want to have it. I’ll be sure to bear your advice in mind while I look for clock repair services to contact for help soon.

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