Purple Dreams

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Purple Dreams
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Elevate your space with "Purple Dreams," a 36" metal sculpture that's not just art but a captivating statement piece in regal purple. As part of the Four Sail collection, "Purple Dreams" enchants with its noble undertones, dazzling countless hearts. With its elegant design, it seamlessly complements modern home and garden decor, making it an ideal gift choice for those who appreciate the allure of purple. Whether indoors or outdoors, this large abstract sculpture serves as a stunning focal point, enhancing your home decor or outdoor ambiance. Designed by the acclaimed artist Jon Allen, it stands out among the rest and ranks as one of our best-selling sculptures in majestic purple. Don't miss the chance to enrich your collection with this unique work of art – order yours today!

Title: Purple Dreams

Dimensions: 36" x 12" x 12" - includes 8" base

Weight: 4 pounds approximately

Color: Purple with Black or Silver Base

• All sculptures are suitable for indoor or outdoor display in a variety of climates and will not rust or corrode.

• Each sculpture is handmade with high-quality, aircraft grade aluminum and finished with a protective UV powder coat to ensure long-lasting durability.

• The finished metal base is pre-drilled with holes which allows you to bolt or screw the sculpture to a cement patio, wood deck, or garden stone for extra stability outdoors. Rubber bumpers are included for indoor display. (Bolts/screws are not included).

• All sculptures are quality inspected and gallery wrapped for safe global transit.

• Signed by the artist, Jon Allen, and includes a certificate of authenticity.

Bring elegance into your home decor and feature this sculpture in your living room, bedroom, dining room, entryway or hallway! With so many colors available, there is a piece of Jon Allen Metal Art to complement any contemporary, modern or traditional home décor. Enjoy the art in outdoor areas like your pool deck, patio, cabana, sunroom or porch. Handmade with high-quality, aircraft grade aircraft grade aluminum, these pieces are carefully built to be admired for years to come!

Custom artwork is also available in different colors or sizes, including large scale sculptures for architectural or corporate settings. Please contact me with custom artwork requests.